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Diagnosis and Management of Diabetic Coma Essay -- Diabetes Health Ess

Diagnosis and Management of Diabetic Coma Diabetes is any disorder of the metabolism which causes excessive thirst and the production of large volumes of urine. A coma is a state of unrousable unconsciousness. (Martin (2002)) There are two types of diabetes: Diabetes Insipidus (DI) is a rare metabolic disorder, the symptoms of which are the production of large quantities of dilute urine and an increased thirst. It is caused by a deficiency of the pituitary hormone Anti-diuretic hormone (ADH / vasopressin) which regulates water reabsorption in the kidneys. (Martin (2002)) Diabetes Mellitus (DM) has symptoms of polyuria, wasting and glycosuria (mellitus means 'sweet urine') as well as the following tests to give a laboratory diagnosis of DM: Venous plasma glucose >11.1 mmol / L or Fasting venous plasma glucose > 7.0 mmol / L or Plasma venous glucose concentration > 11.1 mmol / L two hours after taking 75 g glucose in an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). There are two types of DM; insulin dependent DM (IDDM or type 1) and non-insulin dependent DM (NIDDM or type 2) Type 1 is caused by the destruction of pancreatic b cell destruction, which can be predicted by the detection of the presence of antibodies (Abs) to islet cells, (Pitteloud, Philippe (2000)) insulin and glutamic acid dehydrogenase (GAD) (a neurotransmitter) and a decrease in b cell insulin secretion. This destruction causes a decrease in insulin production, the hormone which stimulates glucose to be stored in the muscle and liver as glycogen. Type 1 causes an abrupt onset of severe symptoms, including a tendency to ketosis and a dependence on exogenous insulin. Type 2 is caused by a diet high in saturated fats, a lack of exercise and obesity. This is because the constantly high glucose levels cause insulin to be produced at constantly high levels, and so the body becomes desensitized to its effect as cells in target tissues posses fewer insulin receptors. Characteristics of NIDDM are that insulin is present, symptoms are moderate (tiredness and thirst), there is no tendency to ketosis and patients are not dependent on exogenous insulin. High blood glucose is controlled by diet, possibly with diabetic drugs. Complications of DM are: Cataract, as excessive blood glucose binds to lens proteins. Retinopathy (micro-angiopathy) caused by hemorrhage, etc.. .. ...ether the cause is glucose concentrations being too high or too low. Many causes of diabetic coma can be treated easily with hormones and fluids. References EMANCIPATOR K (1999) Laboratory diagnosis and Monitoring of Diabetes Mellitus, American Journal of Pathology, 112(5) PP665-674 EVERS IM, TER BRAAK EW, DE VALK HW, VAN DER SCHOOT B, JANSSEN N, VISSER GH (2002) Risk indicators Predictive For Severe Hypoglycemia During The First Trimester of Type 1 Diabetic Pregnancy, Diabetes Care, 25 (3) Pp554-559 Previous course notes, BIOM2003 MARTIN ELIZABETH A (2002) Concise Medical DictionarySixth Edition, Oxford, Oxford University Press, Pp148, 190-191, 374, 665-666, 717 MAYNE Philip D. (2001) Clinical Chemistry Sixth Edition, London, Arnold, Pp209-210 MOHSENI S (2001) Hypoglycemic Neuropathy, Acta Neuropathology, 102 (5) Pp 413-421 PITTELOUD N, PHILIPPE J (2000) Characteristics of Caucasian Type 2 Diabetic Patients During Ketoacidosis and Follow-up, Schweiz Med Wochenschr , 130, Pp576 - 582 TORTORA Gerard J, GRABOWSKI Sandra Reynolds (2000) Principles of Anatomy and Physiology Ninth Edition, New York, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Pp 41, 964, 966, c-0, c-1

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Trade Issues Between Developed and Developing Nations

Trade Problems 1 Trade Issues between Developed and Developing Nations Friday, January 22, 2010 Trade Problems 2 There are trade problems that exist for a less developed nation when trading with a more developed nation. These trade problems can prevent the less developed nations from maximizing possible gains from international trade. Some of these problems are temporary and resolved in time, while others are more stubborn and unable to be resolved. I will discuss the type of issues developing nations come across when trading with developed nations. Developing countries participating in trade lack an organized and strong monetary policy. Developing nations have problems forecasting money demand. Central banks have problems keeping records for managing monetary policy because the banks are not independent of the government. Some developing countries adopt policies such as dollarization, which allows for financial stability and lower inflation. Inventory problems in developing nations are another issue. In developing countries, inventory may be agricultural products instead of industrial products. Most of the inventory problems have to do with the food security and livelihood of the people. Developing nations have to stabilize food prices and production. They also have to balance the domestic and imported supply of agricultural products. In Mexico, pollution has increased since NAFTA was signed into law and trade between the U. S. and Mexico began. Despite its governments initial attention to Trade Problems 3 environmental issues associated with economic growth, the government did not follow through on its intentions to take care of the environment. In 1994, â€Å"real spending on environmental protection†¦declined 45%† (Gallagher, 2004). Further, inspections fell by â€Å"45% over the same period† (Gallagher, 2004). Ten years later, in 2004, there is nothing to suggest that pollution has decreased. If Mexico does not act on protecting its environment, further â€Å"environmental degradation† will continue. With Mexico’s comparative advantage of â€Å"an abundance of unskilled labor†, most firms will stay close to their â€Å"production markets† and pay the costs of environmental regulation, which are small, compared to relocating their businesses elsewhere (Gallagher, 2004). Knowing implementing regulations and enforcing them will not jeopardize â€Å"direct foreign investment† is one of the most important reasons why Mexico can and should reduce pollution and other â€Å"environmental degradation† within its borders (Gallagher, 2004). Trade Problems 4 References Bigman, D, (1986, February). The Journal of the Operational Research Society, Research on Inventory Problems in Developing Countries. Retrieved Friday, January 22, 2010 from http://www. jstor. org/pss/2582717 Gallagher, K (2004, September). Free Trade and the Environment: Mexico, NAFTA, and Beyond. Retrieved Friday, January 22, 2010 from http://ase. tufts. edu/gdae/Pubs/rp/NAFTAEnviroKGAmerProgSep04. pdf Wikipedia, (2010, January). Monetary Policy, Developing Countries. Retrieved Friday, January 22, 2010 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Monetary_policy

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The Benefits of Hydroelectric Energy Essay - 683 Words

Hydroelectric Energy What is Hydroelectric energy? Hydroelectric is a form of energy it is a renewable resource. Hydroelectricity is the most important and widely used renewable source of energy. Hydroelectric relies on water, which is clean and renewable energy source. Renewable energy comes from natural resources. Non-Renewable energy source includes coal, oil and natural gas. Water is renewable because water continually recycles itself. To harness energy from flowing water, the water must be controlled; a large reservoir is created, usually by damming a river to create an artificial lake or reservoir. Water is channeled through tunnels in the dam. The energy of water flowing through the dam causes the turbines to turn and make the†¦show more content†¦Its powers most of the building like homes, hospitals, schools, factories and etc. Hydroelectricity comes in a human cost. The huge damn that required for hydroelectric energy projects create a reservoir that floods an entire valley. Like homes, communities, and towns that may have to relocate as a dam construction begins. However, the projects to make a hydroelectric power generator has forced more than millions of people to relocate. Lifestyles were disputed. We don’t have to burn fuels to cause pollution†¦ pollution free. Hydroelectric developments don’t generate toxic by-products. With an average lifetime of 50 to 100 years, hydroelectricity developments are a long term. It can easily be upgraded to incorporate more recent technologies and have very low operating and maintenance cost. Dams are designed to last decades and so can so contribute to the generation of electricity for many years and decades. Hydroelectricity is the cheapest way to provide energy. Once a dam is constructed, electricity can be produced at a constant rate. Large dams can be useful for flood control. It’s a clean energy source. It does not produce green house gases. When a hydroelectricity water storage dam is built, the water can be used as d rinking water and also a recreational purpose such as fishing and boating. Dams saves and reserves water so that it is not wasted into oceans and seas. Controllable source ofShow MoreRelatedSolar Power : Advantages And Challenges Of Solar Energy1710 Words   |  7 PagesJordan Hunt Final Paper Solar Energy Solar energy is energy that is collected from the sun that is then turned into electricity. The most common medium for using solar power is the use of solar panels. Through the use of solar panels people can use that harnessed electricity to power their houses, household appliances, their cars, even their towns and cities. Before the use of solar power people were using other sources of energy such as wind, and hydroelectric energy. The use of wind is a niceRead MoreHydro Electric Power1518 Words   |  7 PagesHydroelectric power: The Worlds Established Renewable Energy Resource For over a century, hydroelectric power has been used to generate electricity from falling water. The capacity to produce this energy is dependent on both the available flow and the height from which it falls. Hydroelectric dams create height for the water to fall and provide storage. In general, the higher the dam, the more potential energy is available. Building up behind a high dam, water accumulates potential energy. TheRead MoreHistory Of Hydropower Of The United States1416 Words   |  6 PagesBlake Ulmer Dakins ENVS 484 September 26, 2016 History of Hydropower in the United States Introduction Humans have made significant discoveries in utilizing the countless benefits of water, one of the most important being the ability to use water to perform work. This is the concept of hydropower. Hydropower is using the energy of moving water to create power. This clean and renewable method of power generation is used all throughout the globe, and accounts for a small percentage of global electricityRead MoreHydropower Power : Hydroelectric Power744 Words   |  3 Pageselectricity comes from hydroelectric power or that seven percent of the United States’ electricity comes from hydroelectric power? Hydroelectric power is one of the more well-known renewable sources of energy. Around the world, there are roughly 160 countries that have hydropower. Hydroelectric power comes from water; generating electricity from water is a process similar to coal power plants, though much cleaner. There are some difficulties with using hydropower, but the benefits outweigh the negativeRead MoreThe Environmental Impacts Of Fossil Fuels1417 Words   |  6 Pages In recent decades, energy needs have seen unprecedented growth. Everyone is using more electricity. Currently, around 80% of the worlds’ energy consumption is supplied by fossil fuels, which include petroleum, coal, and natural gas (â€Å"Our Energy Use in Numbers†). Generally, these resources are cheap and readily available. They are arguably one of the most stable sources of energy and release high amounts of heat upon combustion, thus giving them a high calorific value (â€Å"Fossil Fuels - IER†). UnfortunatelyRead MoreAlternative Energy Sources For Renewable Energy1511 Words   |  7 PagesRenewable energy has become a widely popular topic in society. With the rapid depletion of fossil fuels, scientist are looking to natural and renewable resources to create a means to produce sustainable energy. There are many alternative energy sources that have proven useful in the past couple of years. Some of the alternative energy sources are not only more useful than others but have proven to be easier to attain and also prove to create a more substantial amount of energy. Today, the most widelyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Current Energy Productions And Distribution Systems876 Words   |  4 Pages(Jong H) Lee Historically, most of the current energy productions and distribution systems are centrally controlled regardless whether it is operated by government or private sectors. Not to mention most of the current government policies on those energy sectors are highly tailored of the centralized structure. Part of the reasons I can think of that is because the framework of the current energy model is largely focused on a big scale energy system. Although this is not necessarily mean bad,Read MoreHydroelectric Power Technology and its Effects on the Environment1174 Words   |  5 PagesFor centuries, scientists and energy experts from all over the world have been making efforts to look for alternative resources in order to solve human being’s energy crisis. Consequently, a great number of renewable energy source have been discovered, including solar power, nuclear power, wind-generated power and hydroelectric power. This essay aims at giving some basic knowledge on hydroelectric pow er technology with focuses on its impacts on environment. Firstly, a brief introduction of hydroelectricityRead MoreEssay about The Importance and Benefits of Hydroelectric Power1661 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: Hydroelectric power plant is one of the major power plants all over the world in order to create electricity. It is also one of the best renewable energy sources on the planet earth. In ranking, Canada is the third largest country to produce hydroelectricity power. The efficiency of this power source is 90% and this is very impressive as the percentage of efficiency is very high. Hydro power plants generate 24% of the world’s electricity. More than 1 billion people are associated withRead MoreThe Energy, Clean Renewable Energy902 Words   |  4 Pagesseems to be right within humanities grasp? The answer is energy, clean renewable energy. With the increasing advances in modern society, as does the requirement of more energy becomes necessary. Currently humanity are facing a dilemma where humans are burning threw nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, and oil faster than they can be replenished from a set stock. Civilization also faces problems stemming from harmful energy sources such as nuclear, and fossil fuels, etc. were

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Current Issues Financial Accounting - 1533 Words

Critical analysis Article descriptions The journal article named â€Å"The crisis of fair-value accounting: Making sense of the recent debate† is written by Christian Laux and Christian Leuz in Accounting and Organisations and Society journal (2009). Mr Laux works as a professor of finance at the Goethe University in Frankurt and his research has been published in many journals. Mr Leuz works as a professor of International Economics at University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has done a lot of research and published his findings in several journals while acquiring many several grants and honours. Both authors have an immense amount of experience and qualifications in the area of accounting. The accounting topics that are†¦show more content†¦There is more flexibility for manipulation of the accounting figures. The authors also points out that this flexibility for manipulation should not be underestimated citing past loans and goodwill policies crisis. The article also finds after discussing the arguments for and against Historical Cost Accounting that is could not be a good replacement for FVA and HCA has problems more severe than the problems with FVA. The article concludes that the debate about FVA is full of arguments that do not hold up to further scrutiny and need more economic analysis. The authors concludes that in their view, it is better to design prudential regulation that accepts FVA as a starting point but sets explicit counter cyclical capital requirements. The article concludes that trade off between transparency and financial stability as well as the interactions between accounting and prudential regulations needs further analysis and suggest areas for further research which includes whether FVA did in fact contribute to the financial crisis through contagion effects, and the interactions between FVA and other important elements of the institutional framework. The articles also suggests the study should be done to find out the what role HCA may have played for the banking crisis and the role of, off balance sheet vehicles and retained positionsShow MoreRelatedThe Role of Conceptual Framework in Accounting1606 Words   |  6 Pagesstandardises the accounting practices by providing the accounting bodies with well-defined financial protocols, it often fails to meet the requirements of different users. The adaptation of standardised financial statements enables the standard setting boards to enhance suitability of the financial standards according to competition in market without creating any legal issues (Beasley, 2010). On other hand, implementation of conceptual framework also reduces government control on financial bodies. HoweverRead MoreIntermediate Accounting 14 Edition Test Bank – by Kieso1044 Words   |  5 PagesIntermediate Accounting 14 Edition Test Bank – By Kieso Follow Link Below To Get Tutorial https://homeworklance.com/downloads/intermediate-accounting-14-edition-test-bank-by-kieso/ Description: Chapter 1 Financial Accounting and Accounting Standards Chapter 2 Conceptual Framework Underlying Financial Accounting Chapter 3 The Accounting Information System Chapter 4 INCOME STATEMENT AND RELATED INFORMATION Chapter 5 BALANCE SHEET AND STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS Read MoreRecent Changes And Amendments Within The Financial Accounting Standards Board1227 Words   |  5 Pages Recent Changes and Amendments within the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Name of Student: Name of Course and Code: University Affiliation: Name of Professor: Date of Submission: â€Æ' RECENT CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS WITHIN THE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING STANDARDS BOARD (FASB) On August 18, 2016, Norwalk, CT, —The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued an Accounting Standards Update (ASU) meant to simplify and improve the way a not-for-profit organization category its net assets, asRead MoreDesigning International Accounting Standards And The Difficulties Of A Single Framework For Improvement1038 Words   |  5 Pagesconceptual framework in constructing International Accounting Standards and the difficulties of a single framework for improvement of accounting standards. In 2001, International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) replaced International Accounting Standard Committee (IASC) in order to develop a high quality standard of accounting for use in the capital markets area and by other numbers of users. (Mary E. et.al, 2007). There were so many issues presented and discussed since then to achieve theirRead MoreDiscuss the Concerns Raised by Users Regarding to the Usefulness of Aasb 117744 Words   |  3 Pagesoperating leases. The accounting treatment required under each approach is very different and this has raised concerns by investors and other financial statement users regarding the usefulness of the information provided. This essay will critically discuss and the criticisms and usefulness of lease accounting treatment. It will also examine lessee firm’s responses to Australian Standard 117 Accounting for Leases. Definition of capital and operating lease AASB 117 provides the current rules for leasesRead MoreFinancial Statement Analysis1293 Words   |  6 PagesFinancial Statement Analysis April Cruz, Litesha Forbes, Phillip Gibson, Jessica Hewlett, Lily James, Velda Justin, and Nzingha Reel ACC/561 September 27, 2010 Mark Tischler Financial Statement Analysis The accounting information of this paper provides a financial statement analysis for three distinct companies: Mercedes Benz, a foreign manufacturer of vehicles; Macy’s Inc, a retail department store, and American Airlines, an airline company. The analysis for each companyRead MoreProjects: Insurance Contracts and Revenue Recognition1606 Words   |  7 Pagesof the accounting standard-setting body The insurance industry is a significant and increasingly international industry and insurance contracts expose entities to uncertain and long term obligations. In recent years, insurance contracts of accounting fail to provide users the information that they need to understand the insurer’s performance, financial position and risk exposure. Furthermore, International Financial Reporting Standards does not define and address specific insurance issues. So theRead MoreAn Accounting Method For A Transparent Government1628 Words   |  7 PagesAn Accounting Method for a Transparent Government *I got some bad news about my health. I should be okay, but I m worried all the work I ve done will go unknown if I don t publish now. This was finished in haste. Please forgive errors, typos, glitches, and bad programming techniques.* I ve designed an accounting method to be used to for a transparent government that is easily understood by even a layperson. Thus, every citizen of age can understand the financial position of their city. IRead MoreAssignment 1 Research Of Emerging Accou1725 Words   |  7 PagesEmerging Accounting Issues Abstract This paper I’ll research the most important impact that the mission of the Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) exerts upon the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB); analyze the EITF’s effectiveness with finding resolutions to emerging accounting issues by research the issues from the EITF’s â€Å"Description and Status of Current Issues† such as 9/11 and analyze at least the primary manner in which a company’s accounting andRead MoreIntermediate Accounting I Final Paper1750 Words   |  7 PagesIn 1973, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) was created and their mission is â€Å"to establish and improve standards of financial accounting and reporting for the guidance and education of the public, including issuers, auditors, and users of financial information.† (FASB.org, 2009a). The FASB is a private, not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to develop generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) within the United States. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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Article Analysis The Hispanic Challenge by Samuel...

Hispanic Challenge The United States is called a melting pot because in this one country, cultures and people from all over the world have converged to unify under one flag. Author Samuel Huntington writes in his article The Hispanic Challenge, that unlike other populations who have changed their identity when immigrating to the United States, many of the Mexican and other Latinos who have come to the country are not assimilating or modifying in order to fit in with the majority culture. Further, he believes that the refusal to do so is more than just a population which is determined to maintain a unique identity, but rather a danger to the foundation of community on which the nation is based. Huntington explains that a lot of the founding principles of the United States, such as freedom from oppression, and the formulation of the government were based on the majority cultures, which were white Europeans. Following the creation of the country, millions of people have flocked from the four corners of the globe in order to live in a nation of freedom and understanding (Huntington 1). It is thus the white originator culture which has allowed the United States to become a melting pot. However, Huntington proclaims that this unique identity is being threatened by the large amounts of Hispanic people who are becoming a part of the United States. Without assimilation into the larger culture, the ever-increasing number of Hispanics will likely become so numerous as to divideShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesManager’s Job 9 Enter Organizational Behavior 10 Complementing Intuition with Systematic Study 11 Disciplines That Contribute to the OB Field 13 Psychology 14 †¢ Social Psychology 14 †¢ Sociology 14 †¢ Anthropology 14 There Are Few Absolutes in OB 14 Challenges and Opportunities for OB 15 Responding to Economic Pressures 15 â € ¢ Responding to Globalization 16 †¢ Managing Workforce Diversity 18 †¢ Improving Customer Service 18 †¢ Improving People Skills 19 †¢ Stimulating Innovation and Change 20 †¢ Coping withRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagesethnic strife, uncontrolled urban growth, and the dissolution of extended family ties in many societies divided nations and communities and isolated individuals to an extent unparalleled in recorded human history. For teachers, in particular, the challenge of weaving together in meaningful ways the seemingly disparate strands of global history in the twentieth century has often led to its neglect. The fact that the most recent phase of the human experience is usually covered only at the end of a

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Effects of Gender and Physical Attractiveness †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Effects of Gender and Physical Attractiveness. Answer: Introduction: Srivasna is a matchmaking agency based in Bangalore, India. Indian market is excellent for match making business. The size of match-making business is 130 million us dollars. The business will also have an online portal for providing its match making services. Earlier in India marriages were mostly arranged where parents used to select the potential partner for their children. Today scenario has completely changed Indians prefer to choose their potential partners either by themselves or through match making agents. Match making agencies existed in India from a very long time but with advancement of modern information technology, the ways of business has changed. Match making agencies today provides online portals for finding potential partners. This is the reason that this market has grown in recent times. In its latest publication, which was based on Indian Wedding Market Outlook to 2020-Focus on Online Matchmaking Ken Research reported about the matching making market of India. The report gives all the required information about the market size of the online matchmaking market, segmentation by online match making and offline matchmaking services. The Indian matchmaking market has grown in recent years this was after the online match making market was on increase. Domestic factors like increase in number of subscriptions and the freedom to choose ones partner has resulted in the growth of the match making business. Major players in the match making industry are Shaadi.com and Bharat matrimony. Both these business provide online matchmaking services. In the year 2010-2015 the income growth of the match making industry was 21 percent. The report suggests that the matchmaking business will increase by 20.6 billion INR by 2020. The reason behind the growth of revenue of this market are, advancement of technology, like internet, rise in the personal disposable income, lower pricing packages, increase in the number of matchmaking sites that offer a variety of services. India is second most populated country after China. The total population of the country is 1,324,171,354. By 2022, it is expected that India will become one of the mo st populated country in the world. As per the age distribution of the country, almost 40 percent of the population falls between the age group of 25 to 54. The GDP growth of India is 5.7 percent (Titzmann, Fritzi-Marie 2013). The size present of the online matchmaking market in India is approximately USD 130 million. It has been forecasted that there would be a increase in the revenue by USD 206 million, representing a CAGR of 16 percent. Online dating market size, % Population, billion 3.25% 16.67% 83.33% 96.75%. India represents around 17 percent of the global population, however, Indias market size is represented as only 3.25 percent of the global market. This difference represents a huge opportunity for upcoming and current players in India. The US with a market size of USD 2000 million has the largest size of the market. Even though US is mature market, it is growing at a rate of 12 15 percent. Thus, India being a developing market, industry sources predict a growth of 15 20 percent in the coming years. According to industry sources, India and UK have witnessed a steep rise in the popularity of online dating. Currently only 6 million people use online dating services in India, as per the report of St epOut.com. By 2015, the number is estimated to rise to 115 million, a CAGR of 167 percent (Titzmann, Fritzi-Marie 2013). The online matrimony market is valued at INR 510 crore and is growing around at a rate of 30% per year, according to the Internet and Mobile Association of India ((Titzmann, Fritzi-Marie 2013) Market statistics Online dating v/s Online matrimony The overall online matrimony market has around 35 to 40 million registered profiles. 20 to 40 percent of profiles are registered on behalf of singles by their parents, relatives and friends. 93 percent of the revenues of a matrimonial site come from subscribers, while the remainder comes from the advertisements. The average time between profile upload and marriage is 3 months. The margins in this industry are very high ranging from 50 to 70 percent (Titzmann, Fritzi-Marie2013) Above is the chart of the age wise population distribution of India in which it is clearly shown that the youth population in India is very high and the target market for the matchmaking business is of the youth falling between the age group of 24 to 35 years. The average age of India is 35 yrs and is expected to be 29 by 2020 (Prasad, and Sita Mishra 2014). The companies that are market leaders in this industry are, Shadi.com, Bharat Matrimony and Jeevan Sathi.com. Apart from Shadi.com, Bharat Matrimony and Jeevan Saathi.com, Face book also acts as one of the major threats of the company. Facebook since its launch in 2004 became popular among the young people and became a successful business in a very short span. According to the data of 2017, there are 194.11 million users of face and the number of users has been increasing. Though facebook is a social networking site it also serves as a platform where one can meet with new people and develop friendship, even many people have found potential partners from facebook. In India most one of the reasons behind using facebook is finding their potential partners, it serves as a platform where one can know new people. The only difference is that facebook is not an official matchmaking site but people those who are not outgoing prefer find potential partner using dating and social networking sit es. One reason for facebook being so popular is that using facebook is free, there are no charges for browsing through the profile of people and contacting them but in most of the online matchmaking services one has to pay additional charges for browsing through the profile of the people who are premium members. Srivasna is an organization that would provide matchmaking services in India, the target customers of the company are young, single male and female between the age group of 25-45. Recently it has been seen that the there was an increase in the wedding industry of India, all because of the internet intervention, now matchmaking has has very easy, people needs to register in the online portals and the agency will find a suitable partner based on the preferences of the customers. Based on the same concept Srivasna will offer matchmaking services with the help of its online portal where people will have to register and make their profiles, giving their details, family background, physical stats, educational and professional details so that Srivasna would find them suitable match as per their preferences. India is a country where people of different religion and culture live. Religion and caste are considered during marriages (Prasad, and Sita Mishra 2014). The preceding table shows the religion and caste wise distribution. Cultural diversity of India provides gives makes the business strategize accordingly. It is the trend in the industry to categorize the profiles as per the caste and religions. Indians generally prefer marriage within their community although there are people who are not caste specific, there are companies that provides matrimonial service only for specific communities for example Jain matrimonial or Parsi Matrimonial, this is mostly seen in case of minorities ((Prasad and Sita Mishra 2014). As per the recent trend, it has been seen that Indians now look of their potential partners mostly through the matchmaking services. The traditional method where relatives where the main source for finding potential partner is not much used now the young people of this generation prefer to find partners themselves often use matchmaking portals. Working class do not have much time to visit the matchmaking offices so they generally prefer to online portals. Present scenario and the recent trends provide favorable circumstances of Srivasna to do business. This also shows the wide scope Srivasna has in this industry. The USP of Srivasna is that it would have both online and offline services for customers who prefer online services and for those customers who are not comfortable using the online services and sharing information online. Another usp of the company is that the premium membership charge is comparatively lower than the competitors. The privacy policies of company are stricter than its competitors. For understanding the external environment of the company Porters five forces analysis is the most important tool. This will give the complete detailed information about the forces that affect the business of the company externally (Kim et al. 2014). Porters five forces analysis External threats often harm the business and every business needs to do external environment analysis so that it can Threat of new entrants- New companies keeps entering the industry that that poses a great deal of threat to Srivasna. Ever since the internet access has become cheaper many people prefer the online matchmaking services, this has led to the increase of new companies entering the industry and poses threat to the existing companies. Whenever new companies enter the market it grabs the attention of customers, increases the competition. Generally the new companies when they enter the market they do in-depth research where they focus on the weakness in the strategies of the existing companies and make its USP. Some of the new entrants that imitate the strategies of the existing company and by offering the similar services at slightly cheaper rates, this makes customers change their existing service providers. Industry rivalry- The main competitors of Srivasna is Shadi.com, Jeevansathi.com and Bharat matrimony. These companies are older and so they have successfully created a customer base. Srivasna faces a great deal of competition from these companies. All the three companies are presently the market leaders. Bargaining power of buyers-, Bargaining power of the buyers affects the business to a great deal. Buyers often compel the business to allow certain discounts to the customers. A discount allowed to the customers puts the company at loss. Providing services at cheaper rates is also the bargaining power of buyers. Allowing discounts is also important because if the companies do not allow discount or cheaper rates then chances are that the customers would switch to other service providers. The immense competition is the reason that makes the companies to give discounts on the services as the customers put a lot of pressure on the companies known as the bargaining power of the customers (Thamizhvanan, Arun and Xavier 2013). Bargaining power of suppliers- The main resources of the company are computers, internet connection, telecommunication system and human resources. Business organizations often need to negotiate with the suppliers for resources. Often the supplies are not being purchased at a desirable price that the customers want and hence they have to agree to the price that the supplier is ready to give at. This happens because the companies do not want to lose their loyal suppliers; it is very difficult to build trust with any new supplier because any company cannot simply trust the new suppliers. Srivasna also needs trustworthy suppliers for doing business so often they have to compromise at some points. Threat of substitutes- Substitutes also affect the business, when the main product or service are available to the customers at a higher price, they look for alternative sources or can be said substitutes. The substitute of Srivasna is dating sites like tinder and social networking sites like facebook. In most of the cases people have found their potential partners through the dating sites or social networking sites especially facebook because, the access to this sites are free and people can make new acquaintances and even get great deal of information from these sites. There are many people who do not use matrimonial sites and rather prefer dating sites when it comes choosing a potential partner. Therefore, it can be said that many potential customers of the company are actually using the substitutes and in this case it is even beneficial for them so the threat is too much (Kim et al. 2014). The external threats are not in control of the company but certain measures can be taken to deal with the external threats posed. The company will implement strategies and increase its internal capabilities. For the threats company faces from its competitors it will have to make effective promotional and advertisement strategies so that it can create awareness about its business, this will help increasing the customer base of the company. Word of mouth would be the most efficient strategy that the company can use to promote and advertise its company. Additional consulting services will also help increasing the customer base. It is not possible for the company to eradicate the competition from the rivals, instead the company can take measures to increase their customer base and reduce the competition to some extent (Kim et al. 2014). Privacy issues- For combating the problem of privacy and fraud related issues the company will makes its privacy policy stricter. While registering to the online portal the company the users will have to provide a number of details about themselves. The will have to agree to the privacy policy which would strictly mention that fake and fraud profile of candidates will be legally punished as the company will report to the cyber cell in such cases. Internal analysis (SWOT) Online portal- The online portal of the company helps in attracting the customers because it becomes easier for the customers of the company to browse through the website and look for the potential partner. By paying the premium prices they can become the premium member, this facility lets the customers contact the person they want to know more. Reasonable price- The price of the company is very reasonable and comparatively more than the charges the competitors take. This has helped company to gain a competitive advantage. The premium charges of the company are inr 2000 for a year. Memberships- There are around 4000 profiles that the online portal has, this are from people all over India. The number of users of Srivasna helps the customers choose the company, because they get as many users as they want. There are around 500 offline members. Human resource capabilities- The customer service provided to the customers is very efficient as the people who visit for offline membership gets convinced and prefer to use Srivasna over other companies. Privacy of the user accounts- The Company ensures that privacy of the accounts of all the users are maintained. The profiles of the candidates are only shown to the premium members and not to anyone. There have been many frauds that is why the company does not allow free registrations. The online portal charges 500 INR for registration and for membership there are various packages, this makes the companys objective very clear than only people who genuinely want to search a prospective partner can make profiles. Keeping in mind that the information provided in the profiles of the customers are very personal, the address and the contact number of the employees are not revealed generally. New in this industry-, The Company is not old enough to be able to gain a good market share. The business will take time to develop and grow. A number of strategies will be needed to be taken so that the business flourishes. Less members- Another weakness of the company is that the number of members of the online and the offline services are very less. For the business to be successful, more customers are required. Improper advertisement strategies- The Company is not implementing proper strategies for advertising and promotion. One of the reasons of less number of members is that many people are not well aware about the company. The companys advertising strategies are not effective and have failed to create interest among the general public (Srivastava and Bajpai 2016). Expansion- Srivasnaa can expand its business in other cities as well. The offline services of Srivasna are presently available to people of Bangalore. Opening offices in other cities of other states will help the company expand their business. Merger- Another opportunity the company is looking forward to is merging with the social networking site facebook. If company merges with facebook then it will get many clients because Srivasna would be promoted and the business will grow. Partnerships- Srivasna has decided that it would partner with company who provide wedding planning services and other marriage consulting services. Pre-marriage consulting services are services that guide the people about marriages, and how to manage personal and professional lives after marriages. Based on the testimonials of the people who will finds their potential partner from the dating sites the company will offer this services at a very reasonable rate (Seidman 2017). Competition- There is too much competition in this industry and the company faces threats from companies like Shadi.com, Jeevansathi.com and Bharat Matrimony. All these companies are quite old and hence have many members who have taken the annual subscriptions. The word of mouth advertisements of the existing companies often tend to bring more customers that are new to the same business. Fraud- There are many cases where frauds have been reported. People make fake profiles and access a great deal of information of other genuine users, sometimes the fake users also pay the charges for premium membership, later cases of fraud, harassment and stalking are reported. This puts the life of the users and the reputation of the company at risk (Ryals and Lynette 2014). Privacy issues- It is in itself a risk to put ones personal information online so most of the people face this threat. Substitutes- Dating sites and social networking sites unintentionally does the matchmaking, as they serve as platform where new people can meet and in some cases they even marry each other. These sites are free and many potential customers of Srivasna are using other dating sites and facebook. Legal obligation- There are cases when the frauds are so severe that victim seeks legal help and in those cases even the company is held responsible and the image of the company is at risk. Statement of objectives To focus on doing sustainable business Increasing the operational efficiency of the services by 60 percent in the next two years Making the privacy policies more strict Reducing the number of fake profiles Statement of key strategy of the company Our business will increase its operational efficiency by 60 percent in the next two years so that it can focus on business growth Strategies for increasing internal efficiency For increasing the internal efficiency in its operations the company has decided to that it will hire more employees to scrutinize the profiles of the users in online portals. The employees will see that which users are are active and which are inactive. After the six months of registration, the users will have to pay additional inr 200 for availing the services. This step will be taken because Srivasna is clear about its privacy objectives. It wants to grow its business by not just increasing customers but also increasing the efficiency of the company (Sahoo 2017). Marriages in India are very sacred issue, therefore the employees who would be dealing with the offline customers of the company will be trained properly so that they convince the customers that Srivasna will be providing them the right match and they can rely on the company. Srivasna before suggesting any match to the candidate will scrutinize and the profile and investigate about the candidate so that there is no mismatch or fraud with the candidate (Kauppinen-Risnen, Hannele and Christian Grnroos 2015). The profiles of each of the users will have all required information, apart from personal and professional information each user on their online profiles will have to give few important information, that will be related to the lifestyle and habits of the candidates. For instance the candidates will have tom answer questions like, whether they have drinking pr smoking habits or not. This will be done because many people prefer partners who do not drink or smoke. The users will have to give information about their health conditions in case they are suffering from any chronic health conditions. The motive behind this is to make sure that the candidate select their match after knowing all the important information so that later they do not regret or complain about miscommunication (Prasad and Mishra 2014). Macro economic analysis (PESTLE) Political- The political scenario of India is different from other countries, it is considered as the largest democracy and there are many political parties. Most of the parties generally do politics based on caste and religious issues. Some of the parties fight for issues like inters caste marriages. Online matchmaking portals allow the candidates to choose their partners themselves and caste and religion is mere individual choice. This might create problem because inter caste marriages are on rise ever since the technology has developed and online matchmaking portals came into existence (Seidman Gwendolyn, and Olivia 2013). Economic- The income of the middle class have increased, the disposable income of upper middle class and the middle class have increased, paying inr 2000 yearly as premium membership is not a big deal so candidates can easily become premium members. This is favorable of Srivasna (Grnroos, Christian and Pivi Voima 2013). Social- There are many castes and sub-castes in India, these castes and sub-castes are the basis of marriages in India. So it becomes difficult to classify the accounts of the candidates caste wise. There are still many people prefer marriages through the traditional ways of telling relatives to find suitable partners and are strictly against the idea of their children finding matches online or own their own. This is one of the social challenges that is faced by Srivasna (Brem et al. 2015). Technological- One of the positive impact of technology for matchmaking services is that it facilitates browsing through online profiles of other user and directly contact the individual one is interested to know. One of the negative impact of technology is that cases of online fraud and harassment have increased and it often puts the sites under legal obligation for not maintain privacy of the profiles of the candidates. In such scenario, the whole idea of matchmaking services gets a lot of criticism. Legal- A number of legal considerations is required while starting online matchmaking services. It applies for offline services as well. Cyber crimes through matchmaking online services and frauds are often reported. In many cases, frauds are detected after marriages the company is sued and have to fight legal battles (Achroll and Philip Kotler 2014). Most of the macro-economic factors are not in control of the company but still the company can make its privacy policies strict and take the help of cyber cells to reduce the number of online harassment cases and fraud cases. Taking police help for suspicious activities online will reduce severe crimes. The company will take full responsibility of fraud cases if it occurs and cooperate in the police proceedings so that it can help the victim (Miquel-Romero et al. 2014). Resources The main resources that are required by the company for doing business are, computer systems, internet connection, and infrastructure to setup the office. Total revenue required for starting up the business would be inr 12 lakhs. 50 percent of the total cost of the business will be allocated by owners capita. 25 percent of funds will be raised from commercial banks, the company has applied loan of inr 3 lakhs loan from IDBI bank. 25 percent of the fund will be raised through venture capitalists or investors. Representatives from the company have approached few investors to discuss the venture. The operating costs have been estimated as inr 6,00000. The performance target of the company will be to increase sales of their business by 35 percent in the next one year. An yearly growth in sales of 35 percent will ensure positive cashflows and in the next five years it can strategize to merge with facebook (Chandrakala and Susheela Devi 2013). Start-up Costing for [Srivasna] - [2017] START-UP COSTS Cost (inr) EQUIPMENT/CAPITAL COSTS Cost (inr) Registrations 5000 Business purchase price Business name Srivasna Franchise fees Licences 3000 Start-up capital 5,00000 Permits 3000 Plant equipment 50,000 Domain names 1000 Vehicles Trade marks/designs/patents 1000 Computer equipment Vehicle registration Computer software Membership fees 5000 Phones Accountant fees 2000 Fax machine Solicitor fees 5000 Security system Rental lease cost (Rent advance/deposit) 10000 Office equipment Utility connections bonds (Electricity, gas, water)- 1500 Furniture 60,000 Phone connection 1500 Shop fitout 10,000 Internet connection 6000 Computer software 2000 Training 15000 Wages 400000 Stock/raw materials 10000 Insurance Building contents 5000 Vehicle Public liability Professional indemnity Product liability Workers compensation 5000 Business assets 5500 Business revenue Printing 4000 Stationery office supplies 5000 Marketing advertising 50,000 Total start-up costs 5,25,000 Total equipment/capital costs 5,70,000 Assumptions: All figures are GST exclusive. The target customers of the company are young people of the age group 25-45 years. The company will use the integrated marketing communication tools to attract potential customers. Advertising- It is one of the most important tool that is used to communicate the value of the services to the target audience of the company. The company will use print media, electronic media, outdoor media and outdoor media for advertising. News papers- Under print media Srivasna will use newspapers like, Times of India, Hindustan times, Deccan Herald and Vijaya Karnataka. Magazines- Magzines like The week, India today, Yashanga and Meri Saheli would be used for advertisements in newspapers (Challagalla et al. 2015). Brochures- Srivasna will be designing a brochure for distribution to the potential customers. The brochure will contain all the detailed information about the business and the services that are provided to the customers. Televisions- The advertisements of the company would be featured in the television channels. Only one television channel would be selected because the cost of television advertisements would be too much for any new business. The advertisements will be aired mostly during the prime time targeting maximum number of customers. Radio- Red Indigo and Radio Mirchi of Bengalure would be selected for doing advertisements about the matchmaking services. Web banners- Web banners will be used for online advertising. Web banners will be designed with bright colors and high definition graphics so that its grabs the attention of the candidates. Facebook- Advertisings would be done on facebook with which Srivasna is planning to merge. Other social media platforms that would be used for advertising will be Instagram, Twitter and Linked-in. As a tool for outdoor media the company has planned to use billboards, in some of the busiest streets of Bangalore billboards will be used for advertising. Flyers would be distributed in some of the busiest streets, market and public places of Bangalore. Personal selling- The company will provide training to its employees so that they can efficiently deal with the clients who would come to the office for registration. Customer service will be given utmost importance and so employees will be trained to be polite and convincing so that they can win the trust of the company. In direct marketing, the company will make cold calls to the potential customers. Public relation- For public relation the company will be allocating a large sum of its budget. The various activities that would be carried out for building public relation are Press releases- Srivasna will use Times of India for all its press releases. Audio releases- Radio channel Red FM of Bangalore would be used for all the audio releases of the company. Public events- For public events flash mobs in two of malls of the city Sponsorships- The Company will sponsor a musical concert that will be held in winter and another event that will be sponsored is a cultural program that will also be held in winter. The company will expand its business by opening offices in other states and cities of India. The online services will be for whole India but the offline services will be available in the entire country in next five years. One of the most important growth strategies of the company is to merge with facebook, because is a social networking site and merging with famous social networking site will help in increasing the customer base of the company, which one of the goals of the company (Usha Rani 2013). Conclusion Srivasna hopes in future to have a business growth of 35 percent as it is calculated that the business will have payback period of 3 years. It has made a business plan to merge with facebook. Merging with facebook will provide the business with great opportunities as the business will grow more, facebook is a popular social networking site with 194.11 million users and it is expected to go up by 262 million. Association with facebook will have many benefits, the business will grow and have increased customer base. The company will be promoted through this action and many people will know about the business. It will also help the business to expand its offline matchmaking business in other cities of other states as well. The business plan is aimed at attracting potential investors. As of the 50 percent of the capital will be raised externally and 50 percent will be the owners capital. 25 percent of the total capital, inr 3 lakhs will be raised from investors and 25 percent of total ca pital, 3 lakhs will be raised from bank, IDBI bank. Attracting the potential investors would be a major challenge though. References Achroll, R. S., and Philip Kotler. "The service-dominant logic for marketing."The service-dominant logic of marketing: Dialog, debate, and directions320 (2014). Brem, Meagan J., Laura C. Spiller, and Michael A. Vandehey. "Online mate-retention tactics on Facebook are associated with relationship aggression."Journal of interpersonal violence30, no. 16 (2015): 2831-2850. Challagalla, Goutam, Brian R. Murtha, and Bernard Jaworski. "Marketing doctrine: a principles-based approach to guiding marketing decision making in firms."Journal of Marketing78, no. 4 (2014): 4-20. Chandrakala, V. G., and Susheela Devi B. Devaru. "Blue ocean strategy and bottom of the pyramid marketing."International Journal of Management Research and Reviews3, no. 7 (2013): 3080. Grnroos, Christian, and Pivi Voima. "Critical service logic: making sense of value creation and co-creation."Journal of the academy of marketing science41, no. 2 (2013): 133-150. Kauppinen-Risnen, Hannele, and Christian Grnroos. "Are service marketing models really used in modern practice?."Journal of Service Management26, no. 3 (2015): 346-371. Kim, Kyongseok, Jameson L. Hayes, J. Adam Avant, and Leonard N. Reid. "Trends in advertising research: A longitudinal analysis of leading advertising, marketing, and communication journals, 1980 to 2010."Journal of advertising43, no. 3 (2014): 296-316. Miquel-Romero, Maria Jos, Eva Mara Caplliure-Giner, and Consolacin Adame-Snchez. "Relationship marketing management: Its importance in private label extension."Journal of Business Research67, no. 5 (2014): 667-672. Prasad, K. Sai, and Sita Mishra. "A study to explore relationships between customer demographics and brand loyalty in the Indian telecom sector."International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and Management (IJCRMM)5, no. 3 (2014): 1-13. Ryals, Lynette. "Making customer relationship management work: the measurement and profitable management of customer relationships." American Marketing Association, 2013. Sahoo, Sarbeswar. "Matrimonial."South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies40, no. 2 (2017): 354-357. Seidman, Gwendolyn, and Olivia S. Miller. "Effects of gender and physical attractiveness on visual attention to Facebook profiles."Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking16, no. 1 (2013): 20-24. Srivastava, S., and S. Bajpai. "Indian online matrimony market: changing roles, shifting behaviors." In4 th International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues ICCMI June 22-24, 2016 Heraklion, Greece, p. 128. 2016. Thamizhvanan, Arun, and M. J. Xavier. "Determinants of customers' online purchase intention: an empirical study in India."Journal of Indian Business Research5, no. 1 (2013): 17-32. Titzmann, Fritzi-Marie. "Changing patterns of matchmaking: The Indian online matrimonial market."Asian Journal of Women's Studies19, no. 4 (2013): 64-94. Usha Rani, N. "A critical analysis of socio-cultural impact of new media on users in India."Global Media Journal6, no. 3 (2013): 1-18.

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Russian Mafia Essays - Organized Crime, Crime, Misconduct

Russian Mafia Protectionism in the New Capitalist Russia The Russian Mafia has always exercised an important role in the Russian economy. The contemporary mafiosi are descendents of the seventeenth Century highwaymen and Cossack robbers. These men occasionally murdered families prior to raids preventing them from being captured. The Russia mafiosi made a point to remain aloof from the state. Mob men were actually spurned when returning home from fighting in the Great Patriotic War. The gangs begin to dominate markets such as car sales, spare parts, cigarettes, food distribution, and other markets that the Communist Party failed to provide under the Bolsheviks (Remnick196). Since the collapse of Communism and the dawn of Capitalism, the Russian people have been troubled with innumerable obstacles. There are more than 3,000 gangs known generally as the Russian Mafia. They have proven to be a significant force in delaying the reform process (Goldman 58). The new Russian Mafia has involved themselves in every imaginable kind of criminal activity from drug trafficking and money laundering to protectionism, which penetrates into every area of society. Under the laws of the Soviet Union, the regulations were strong and external. Now the external regulators have disappeared allowing the Russian Mafia to exceedingly enlarge its strength and influence especially with the accelerated speed of privatization without legal safeguards. The Russian Mafia's effect on the Russian economy through protectionism can be viewed through the different scopes of academia, the United States Press, and the Russian Press. Protectionism is a preferred activity of the Russian Mafia. When a new private business opens, the mafia ensures that it will get a share of the profits. The mob offers the new operation protection. If the business refuses to purchase protection, the mafia uses violence against them or their property (Gustatson 105). Most entrepreneurs purchase the protection. Then the new company pays unofficial taxes to crime groups. This guarantees that nearly all new businesses will have an affiliation with the mafia. Gustatson estimates that payments can are approximately twenty percent of the profit (105). This is a major form of taxation on top of what the government already commands leading many companies to tax evasion or concealing their exact value. These acts forfeit what little protection the authorities might be able to render. The mafia demands a cut of the earnings but in turn furnish more than adequate security. The mafiosi provides protection from unaffiliated criminals and rival gangs. They ensure that property is not damaged or stolen. If entrepreneurs are visited by another organization, they must only summon their own mafia group. The two gangs will settle the matter themselves (Gustatson 105). This security is an asset that the State seemingly fails to provide. The Russian Mafia has more men and weapons than the Russian law enforcement. The police force is an intently corrupt place as is much of the Russian government. Both army officers and law enforcers are frantic for cash and willing to sell weapons such as guns, grenades, and rocket launchers (Remnick 109). The Russian Mafia is able to easily locate weaponry to carry out its duties as protectorate; while, the authorities lack money and personnel. A few days before the union dissolved the biggest Russian Mafia leaders held a summit meeting at a dacha just outside Moscow with the three main Italian crime organizations from Sicily, Naples, and Calabria. They understood that it would bring turmoil and uncertainty; yet, the Vori v Zakonye or thieves in the law saw possibility in the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The organizational leaders assembled to discuss the selling of nuclear materials, and drug-money laundering (108). The mafiosi would use their influence to access bureaucratic power. They began anticipating the collapse by becoming private businessmen: consultants and rainmakers (197). As Consultants and Rainmakers, they would assert their authority through protection. Academia states that protectionism is having a trenchant effect on the Russian economy. It helps create massive inflation to the already weak economy. The twenty percent of the gross earnings extorted from the business as protection raises the price of the goods and services tremendously for the Russian people monthly. The Russian consumer ultimately pays the protection bill (Goldman 58). It is estimated that in 1996 about eighty percent of all private businesses made regular payments to a mafia organization for protection and a substantial amount of that money ends up in other countries. (Gustatsun 104). Thus the underworld is taking a vast amount of wealth out of Russia. With the Russian Mafia handling so much money, it is little wonder that they were able to buy so